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Additional Notes for "Sweet Georgia Brown"
Written by: Ben Bernie, Maceo Pinkard and Kenneth Casey
Arranged by: Mark Wade
Audio Sample: MP3 Format
Mark: 17/16/8 ~Cloud Nine~ Dulcimer
Randy: 1920s Orpheum Tenor Banjo
Dan: D600 Dusty Strings Dulcimer
James Jones Linear Chromatic
Robert: Taylor 514CE Guitar
Song Form:
1st Lead: (Order of entrances) Bass Solo, Dan, Mark, Randy, Robert
2nd Lead: (All)
3rd Lead: Robert
4th Lead: Dan
5th Lead: Randy
6th Lead: Mark
7th Lead: A1 Robert; A2 Dan
8th Lead: A1 Randy; A2 Mark
9th Lead: (All)
Mark's Song Notes: "Probably most remembered for the theme song to the Harlem Globe Trotters, this song came to mind when I was looking for a catchy song for the band to play in three part harmony in my set at the world's largest dulcimer festival, The Original Dulcimer Player Club Festival, a.k.a., 'Evart' in July of 2004. Since Hammer On!'s band members are hundreds of miles apart, both Dan and I used some of our stage time to give a teaser of Hammer On! music. Immediately after our set, audience members rushed out of the grandstands to our booth and wanted to buy whatever CD Sweet Georgia Brown was on. At the time, we hadn't recorded it yet! By popular demand, it made it to the list of tunes to include on our debut CD."

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