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Additional Notes for "En Gedi"
Written by: Robert McMurray
Arranged by: Mark Wade
Audio Sample: MP3 Format
Mark: 17/16/8 ~Cloud Nine~ Dulcimer
Randy: Master Works Soprano Dulcimer
Dan: D600 Dusty Strings Dulcimer
Robert: La Patrie "Etude" Classical Guitar
Robert's Song Notes: "The foundation for this song was written while I was visiting with family in the White Mountains of Arizona. I was staying at my in-laws' cabin in the woods, when I got up early one morning to play guitar on their back porch and I wrote the basic form and melody for this song. My in-laws had named their cabin 'En Gedi' after the place in the mountains where the Bible tells us David took refuge from King Saul, and it seemed like a perfect name for the song."

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