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Additional Notes for "Cluck Old Hen"
Written by: Traditional
Arranged by: Hammer On!
Audio Sample: MP3 Format
Mark: 17/16/8 ~Cloud Nine~ Dulcimer
Randy: Kennaquhair 5-course Cittern/Bouzouki (DGDAD)
Dan: D600 Dusty Strings Dulcimer
Robert: Martin HD28 Guitar
Mark's Song Notes: "I have had a fascination with this song since I heard Larry Conger play it on his mountain dulcimer at the Heritage Dulcimer Camp in 2002. Every time that the chorus, 'Cluck old hen' came around we would all lean in to hear how he was bending the strings to get the 'chicken' sound. Once I figured out how to pull that off on a hammered dulcimer, I knew this would be the perfect traditional tune for Hammer On! to warp! So we scored it for three-part harmony, gave it a face lift with Robert's rock grove and let the solos fly!"

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