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Additional Notes for "Cat Tales"
Written by: Dan Landrum
Arranged by: Hammer On!
Audio Sample: MP3 Format
Dan: James Jones Linear Chromatic
Randy: Kennaquhair 5-course Cittern/Bouzouki (DGDAD)
Robert: Taylor 514CE Guitar
Song Form:
A A B B (Dan melody) A A B B (Randy melody)
C (Randy solo) C (Dan solo)
A A (Dan melody)
Robert's Song Notes: "I've had a lot of questions over time about the chord structure for this song; it's kind of complex, but that's what always made this song so much fun to play. One of my favorite parts was the journey around the circle of 5ths that we do on the C part."

"With that in mind, here are the chords that I play on the guitar:"

Cm Bb/D Eb G/B Cm Bb/D Eb Fm
Fm Eb G/B Bb/D Cm-Bb-Cm
Ebm7 Ab7 DbMaj7
Dm7 G7 Cm-G7-Cm
Ebm7 Ab7 DbMaj7
Dbm7 Gb7 BMaj7
Bm7 E7 AMaj7
Am7 D7 GMaj7
Gm7 C7 FMaj7
Fm7 Bb7 EbMaj7
Ebm7 Ab7 DbMaj7
Dm7 G7 Cm-G7-Cm


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