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Additional Notes for "Rondo in 7/8"
Written & arranged by: Hammer On!
Audio Sample: MP3 Format
Mark: 17/16/8 ~Cloud Nine~ Dulcimer
Randy: Kennaquhair 5-course Cittern/Bouzouki (DGDAD)
Taylor 812C Guitar (DADGAD)
Dan: D600 Dusty Strings Dulcimer
Robert: Martin HD28 Guitar (DADGBE)
Song Form:
A A (Mark) B (Randy) A A (Mark) C C (Dan) A A (Mark)
A A (Randy) B (Mark) A A (Robert) C C (Dan) A A (All)
Tag: (Order of Entrances) Mark, Robert, Dan, Randy
Robert's Song Notes: "This song was one of the first that we wrote together, and in some ways it really wrote itself."

"We were still just discussing what we'd like to accomplish together as a band and on an album, and the consensus was to not be afraid to try something different. Mark had just suggested that we should be willing to do something daring like a song in 7/8, when I said something like, 'Well, how about this..?', and I came up with the first guitar part on the spot. Randy quickly added a great second guitar part to that, and then Mark and Dan came up with their beautiful melody parts."

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